Please allow 3-5 days for preparation and packing.  Some items may be able to be shipped sooner. Timing depends on the size of the item and packaging needs. 

Orders are shipped on business days only (Monday-­­Friday). We are not responsible for refunding the cost of shipping due to postal service delays.

International shipping is available to certain locations and is limited to standard artwork sizes only. Please make an inquiry to our email below to see if we ship to your location. Shipping and handling times will vary by location. Please allow 10­ to 25 days for your international package to be delivered. International orders may also be subject to additional duties and taxes. Please be aware that these fees are not included in the prices listed on our website, nor are we responsible for covering them.

For questions regarding shipping to your location, please contact us using the "contact" link.

Please Note: USPS is running slow during this time due to an increase in the number of packages being shipped as a result of the COVID pandemic.